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Click Here to Find AttorneysJacksonville Lawyer Help is a Jacksonville, Florida directory and resource for legal needs and news. The website design and SEO marketing is from James Hilliard who operates JaxBeachWebsites.com. James can help businesses with internet and web based solutions that are affordable and extremely effective. Every budget varies and the cost of your website depends on many factors. A highly optimized site can do amazing things for attracting customers, while saving a client thousands in ineffective advertising costs, such as printed materials. This network intends to be lawyers and attorneys most cost effective medium for internet marketing in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. The site and network is currently in beta status but the effectiveness of our SEO and marketing strategies can easily be verified. To contact James: Click here

For a new business website, the internet provides a valuable source for developing new leads, clients or customers. If properly developed, a business website can also be used to keep your website users coming back to your site through interaction. It is an advertisement that does not get thrown away, but rather, it should actually improve with time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing:

MSN, Google and Yahoo: The Big Three.

Attacking these three internet giants with search engine optimization techniques integrating their individual algorithms and ideals/ guidelines is an intriguing and evolving science of exponentially growing value. Website building is no longer just a bunch of hieroglyphic computer language syntax, but a method to develop marketing and advertising that can continue on in time with very little maintenance and associated costs. It is a way to have a business keep it’s doors open 24/7 using an e-store. The e-store designs can also automate many of the processes that would otherwise require man hours.

SEO Marketing Vs Print Advertising

A webpage is not a one day three inch square in the local newspaper. A web page reaches around the entire globe as long as the hosting server is on line. A website can be designed to concentrate on a local demographic, such as this one, Jacksonville Lawyers Help.

It is now true that more and more people are using the internet news sources than paper copies. The competition for the highest search positions on any of the major search engines is drastically skewed by their paid ads, but their are tremendous numbers of men and women who refuse to click the ads and only reach for the first “organic search” result. Search engine optimization focuses on improving placements in the organic search results though it may include “paying” for links, which may include Google Adwords campaigns. Those who have been involved in using paid advertising on the web have seen many successes and many failures. With any business decision you should make sure you trust service providers and the internet is certainly not a place to let your guard down. All around the world people would love to make you believe they can get your business to the top of google for a keyword such as, “Jacksonville Lawyer.” The competition for a keyword like this (51,100,000 results on Bing, 12,200,000 results on Google) is tough, to say the least, with the top competitor being Reed Elsevier, a Fortune 500 company, worth billions.

The big three, Yahoo, Google and MSN all have different structures they base paid advertising clients ad locations with. A well optimized site may pay 1 to 10 dollars for an expensive keyword click that an unoptimized site may have to pay 10 to 40 dollars for. For more information on paid internet website advertising please see “An Interesting Perspective On SEO Backed By Experience.

“””Years ago, when websites were still new to the world, I had a mattress company as a client who decided to have the website I built represented on the Internet with a pay-per-click campaign. It didn’t take long, only a couple of days, in fact, for their agreed-upon budgetary quota to be completely exhausted by a barrage of clicks, but no ensuing business to speak of. How could this happen? Simple. It was their competitors who were clicking away on their pay-per-click links to sabotage their success. With no bankroll to engage in a lawsuit and no desire to continue in this cut-throat business, my client decided to pack up and move on. End of business.”””

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